10/23/16 ~ World Christian Broadcasting

From the Preacher’s Pen…

RacineBuildingOne of the many efforts we as a congregation support to take the Gospel to the world is World Christian Broadcasting. While short-wave radio is not so important in America it does reach much of the rest of the world. A few months ago we as a congregation were contacted by World Christian Broadcasting and asked to be part of a special contribution Sunday for that work. One week from today is that special contribution Sunday! We’ve already committed $1,000 to that goal and whatever you give in addition toward that work will be sent along with that $1,000. Please use either the envelopes provided (on the table in the foyer) or mark your checks as being for World Christian Broadcasting). Here are the latest updates on that work:

World Christian Broadcasting

Dear Brothers and Sisters In Christ, We have a dream. That dream is simple but profound. We dream that Christians will come together on October 30, 2016, in an unprecedented way to share the Gospel with the entire world.

We live in a world fraught with hopelessness, danger, and division. The life-giving news of Jesus is needed more than ever. But many parts of the globe are off limits to conventional mission efforts. For political, geographical, and religious reasons, many nations and their people are closed to outside influences. Missionaries cannot cross their borders.

Jesus declared long ago, “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every person.” How can we fulfill those words, words that seem to be an unattainable dream? For World Christian Broadcasting, the mission of Jesus is the very reason for our existence. The message of Jesus sent from World Christian Broadcasting’s shortwave stations cannot be stopped by any border, any ideology, any person.

Even in an internet world, shortwave remains the most effective and efficient way to reach people around the world. It is estimated that there are three billion shortwave receivers in the world. One billion of those are turned on at any given time with each one having three listeners.

Sunday, October 30, is the day hundreds of churches around the United States will be making a special offering for the ministry of World Christian Broadcasting. That is an important day for which we need your prayers and support. In addition to the six languages we broadcast now, we are hopeful to be able to add personnel who can provide Portuguese broadcasts to Brazil, Korean programs to both North and South Korea, and also broadcasts in French.

This is a once-in-a-generation moment! Would you prayerfully consider helping us reach more people? The need has never been greater.

— Andy Baker for World Christian Broadcasting

We have many mission works that we support and countless others are doing the work of the Lord out there. We must, just like the New Testament congregations, do our part both in local work and in supporting the work out there in the rest of the world. Since World Christian Broadcasting coordinates with the missionaries in the field, we are really helping all those already out there. Be an active part of the Lord’s work! Pray mightily for all the Lord’s workers. After all, they are our brothers and sisters working alongside us on this earth! And give that we might enable them to continue and increase that work. Please give much prayerful thought to this work and to your opportunity to add to our contribution.

—Lester P. Bagley

7/31/16 ~ EasyBibleLearning.WorldBibleSchool.org

RacineBuildingWBS Logo-redGod’s message brings hope, joy, love and life.  Learn how by mail or online FREE.  Learn in your home at your pace with “penpal” helpers and online friends ~ with no one knocking on your door.

Course 1:  The Way to Life ~ The Bible is like a map for living, providing direction and purpose for every person everywhere. Why consider the Bible? Is it trustworthy? Can it truly address my every need?

Course 2:  God Has Spoken ~ God reveals Himself and His will for each person in the Bible. What does God say about Himself? How can I be “right with God”?

Course 3:  This is Good News ~ God’s message in the Bible is “good news”.  How should I respond to it? What is faith that “saves”?

Course 4: Knowing Jesus ~ Jesus makes reemarkable promises to those who “know” Him.  Is Jesus God’s Son? Is He alive today? How can I know Jesus?

Course 5:  Born of Water and Spirit ~ Jesus speaks of being “born again” to live a new life. Can I really have a fresh start in life? How can I face life and death with assurance?

Course 6: The Family of God ~ God has chosen a family of His very own, and He wants you to be a part of it. Who has God chosen? What does the word “church” really mean? What is His purpose for my life?

Course 7: Live a Life of Love ~ God offers every person a new purpose and a joyful life. How does he want me to live? Is there real spiritual power at work in my life? How can I help others?

Sign up for Course 1 here:  EasyBibleLearning.WorldBibleSchool.org





3/20/16 ~ Evangelism




From the Preacher’s Pen…

As we surveyed the Old Testament we noticed that everything pointed to Christ. Hopefully as we complete our survey of the New Testament today we continued to notice the exact same thing. Jesus Christ is the focus of all of God’s word. He is the author of everything from creation to salvation.

With the New Testament there also comes one other important focus… evangelism. Taking the news of Moses’ Law from God to other peoples and nations was never a part of the Old Testament world. But to Christians the taking of the good news of Jesus Christ is the central part of our mission, our lives in service to God’s Kingdom.

The Great Commission sets the New Testament apart from the Old as clearly and definitively as does the sacrifice of Jesus that gives meaning to all we do. Think about that for a moment!

God reminds us how beautiful are the feet of those who rush to serve the Lord! You’ll find that thought echoed by Isaiah (Isaiah 52:7) and again by Paul (Romans 10:15). So it’s appropriate that we keep God’s focus on evangelism, remind ourselves and challenge ourselves to keep up the good work. We need to keep telling others of Christ and inviting them to come with us to be part of God’s eternal family!


Since, as Christians we are always focused on evangelism, we need to keep in mind how easy it is to become discouraged. Satan could better tolerate almost any other theme from Christians than this one, thus he is going to be most active in discouraging it. The vital thing for us to see and remember is that Satan is losing!

A while back I read a report from a preacher in the Lord’s Church in Athens, Greece. He told of a Syrian geologist who was raised in another religion but had now put on his Lord in baptism to become a New Testament Christian. The man plans to return to Syria after studying at one of the brotherhood schools of preaching and establish a church there (no known congregation exists in Syria at present). Another man, this one a “priest” doing extra educational studies, had given up his “priesthood”, and instead undertook studies (also at one of the schools of preaching) to equip himself to preach and teach God’s word. Of course those of us in Casa Grande have heard the stories of many among the Muslim world that have become Christians because of some of our Bible teachers in the congregation here.

These stories are repeated almost daily in places all over the world. Evangelistic work is in progress in countless countries, many of them impossible to get into just a few years ago. People are responding to the Gospel of Jesus and striving (many times in the face of great obstacles) to faithfully serve Him.

The world is changing in so many ways and none so important as the open doors to the Gospel. Our world, our town, our neighborhood are filled with souls that are lost in sin, slaves to Satan and they don’t even know it. Don’t miss your opportunities to tell them of the Savior!

Unfortunately, we sometimes fail to clearly communicate the Good News. Consider this silly little story just because it illustrates how we sometimes fail to really communicate:

  • Christian: Are you a member of the Christian family?
  • Non–Christian: No, I think they live two miles down the road in the white house on the left.
  • Christian: Let me try again. Are you lost?
  • Non–Christian: No, I’ve lived in this town for over thirty years now. I know right where I am.
  • Christian: Let me put it this way—are you ready for the Judgment Day?
  • Non–Christian: When will it be?
  • Christian: Could be today, could be tomorrow!
  • Non–Christian: Well, when you know exactly, be sure to let me know. My wife will probably want to go on both days.

Let your friends and neighbors see Jesus in you, in how you care, in what you do. Tell them of the Jesus that is your friend, your Savior. And if you don’t feel you know Him well enough to share that way, then get to know the real Jesus.

People the world over know Coca–Cola is the real thing! Certainly we can be as active in sharing the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ who died to save us all, as we are in promoting soda pop!

Do you want to see Satan losing this week? Do you want to see the success of God, His word and His people? Then be an active part of God’s Kingdom. Tell someone of Jesus this week. Invite someone to come with you to worship and study God’s word. Live, talk and act like a child of the King!

— Lester P. Bagley