100th-Year Photos, November 2017






Top L:  Jim & Susie DuBose – a young preacher for us a while ago

Top R:  Jim & Sharon Mayberry – her Preuitt grandparents were some of the earliest members of our congregation around 1919.

Lower L:  Lynn & Sharon Jennings – a young song leader for us a while ago

Lower R: Keithy & Suzanne Cain, a driving force behind our getting a new building.


Top L:  Curtis & Jackie Odom: He filled in for his father, Jerry Odom, who worked with the cemetery to locate former members and arranged for former ministers and song leaders to come, then had a stroke a couple day before our homecoming.  We prayed mightily for Jerry, a tower of strength to everyone since his own conversion in 1950 and that of Billie, his wife, about the same time.

Top R:  Everett Martin whose family came here early on. He was a long-time leader in the Joy Bus Ministry at the “old building”.

Lower L:  Curtis Odom.

Lower R:  Katheryn Haddad

This is Jerry Odom’s address if anyone would like to write him. Without him, this homecoming would not have been possible.  jlodom@q.com

Jerry & Billie Odom

Thank you, Jerry